Friday, November 27, 2009

true life change

One of the most frequently used buzz phrases in church world is "changing lives". A lot of people would claim that the way you determine a successful church is based on the lives they are changing. Numbers don't mean anything if people's lives aren't being changed.

But what does it mean to be "changing lives"?

For a long time I thought that life change meant a person's life was improving. If a person was able to apply principles to their life and as a result "live better", then their life was being changed.

The more I study it, though, the more I think my definition was way off. Spiritual life change is not a life that is improving, it's a life that is being swapped. Life change is literally a change of lives. It's not one life that is gradually becoming different; it's changing from my life to Christ's life... meaning there were TWO lives to begin with.

Teaching principles to improve behavior and lifestyle is great, but it doesn't help someone truly change their life. A person will gradually begin to improve their life once the life swap has already occurred. Before principles can improve a person's life, their life must FIRST be changed.


  1. This is dead-on correct! Love it! You'll spend the rest of your life trying to help people "get it".

  2. Nate.
    Great thought.
    Great framework.
    I've always thought that "anyone" can apply godly principles to their life and actually see their life improve.
    But their life won't truly change until it's been CHANGED.

    Well said.

    Excited about you BEing a part of Soul City!