Monday, August 31, 2009

welcome to college life nate dog

Lots of thank you's go out to all of you who have informed me that I haven't updated my blog in a while. While I was aware of the fact that I hadn't written in a while (which seems decently obvious to me considering it is my blog) it still means a lot that you missed reading Moons From Burma.

I took a month off from the blogging world so I would have time to adjust to my new life. It's easy to think you know a lot and have a lot to write about when you're a senior in high school and lots of people look up to you, but being at the bottom and having few friends makes you realize exactly how little you know.

This next chapter of my life is going to be one that teaches me a lot of humility. I think God is trying to teach me that true satisfaction is found only in Him. I've known that as truth for a long time, but I've never had to deal with the reality of that emotionally. What's your first move when the friends you've had for four years are gone, the parents that used to get on your nerves aren't there to get on your nerves anymore, and you have to do your own laundry? I think the answer is get to know Jesus more.

Matthew 6:33 says, "Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need."

For a long time I was unaware that I had let my circumstances shape my faith. Are you letting your circumstances shape your faith, or are you relying on your faith in Jesus to control your circumstances?


  1. Took me way past college to learn that fact sometimes I have to re-learn it. You will be fine because you have faith. Good luck with the laundry: Darks in one load, lights in a different load.

  2. Good to see that you are thinking and working through things. One thought though, rather than looking at allowing your faith to control your circumstances...realize that through faith you don't have control, but you are cared for by the one who does. I think, with that understanding, there are few things in life you can't face.