Saturday, July 4, 2009

short and sweet communication

The last couple weeks I've had to send out a few messages to get the word out about some summer events for Relevant Student Ministry. What I realized after sending them is that a lot of people don't actually read anything beyond the 1st paragraph. The same COULD be true about blogging world as well.

Here's something I'm experimenting with: Put the information at the top of your news emails, and put the conversationalized greeting stuff after the info. That way they will get the necessary info regardless of how long they spend on your email.

I've gotten 3 messages today from different groups I'm in on Facebook, and all 3 of them were long and started with "Hey! Hope you're having a great summer. Just wanted to let you in on..... bla bla bla...." THEN, somewhere in the middle of a paragraph they threw in their info. I don't think that system works.

Shorten your messages and put your info at the top.


  1. details can be a good thing too ;)

  2. The 1st paragraph contains the who, what, where, when and how of any well written newspaper article. The further you read in the article fewer and fewer detail emerge.

    Human nature is to greet, justify, then explain. However that format will not hold a reader's attention.