Tuesday, July 21, 2009

relevant student ministry

In September of 2005 6 students sat in my living room for the first ever Grace Community Church "youth group" time. Taylor Hughes, Austin Hughes, Lauren Grizzard, Clark Davis, Claire Davis, and myself. Parker and Jeremy came occasionally because they were a little older, but those were the core six. Now just four years later over 100 students gather at Remix every week. The only explanation for that is God.

I just got back from my last trip with Relevant Student Ministry. Four years ago this time Grace hadn't even started, and my view of God and ministry was so small. My last four years have truly been the best four years a high school student could experience, and I'm so incredibly thankful for all of the opportunities Grace has given students to plug-in and serve.

I ran across a journal entry from June 8, 2008 today, here it is: "We're down to about 40 kids a week now in Remix. We've gotta gain the momentum back. Please bless that God, and help make our hearts pure."

Obviously ministry is much more than numbers, but now I know that God answered that prayer. The fact is that God knew what He was doing with the six of us four years ago. It was a huge step for us to leave established youth ministries and come to something with 6 people, but God had a bigger plan in mind than any of us could even begin to imagine. My hope is that God will continue to raise up leaders at Grace who aren't satisfied with where the movement of Christ is in our city. The numbers have absolutely nothing to do with God's presence, but I hope SO BADLY that our student ministry never becomes a place that values complacency. Too many student ministries are content with maintaining their comfort with their church friends. Relevant is about connecting with students who aren't there yet. Hopefully that's what it will always be about. I'm going to miss Remix next year!


  1. whoah! I guess I was not part of the "core" group? That hurts bud, that hurts :)

  2. Haha dude you were most definitely a core member... just not at the VERY FIRST small group. I should make another post for the first crosstreet band practice! Now that you were at!

    Haha hope you're doing well man!

  3. Nate - we are going to miss you so much next year. You have been a huge part of Remix and it's success. Don't ever lose your love of people and ministry - it is very contagious and people see that. I really enjoyed serving with you this past week in New Orleans. Lots of memories that I will NEVER forget! Sneakers anyone? HA!