Thursday, June 25, 2009

why do you believe in jesus?

Here's two questions from the book Community by Adam Robinson:

If no one you knew believed in Jesus, would you?

If everyone you knew suddenly decided Jesus wasn't really the son of God, would you?

Wow. Thinking about those two questions really blows my mind. Essentially the question is this: Is your belief in this Jesus thing REALLY based on your own personal relationship with him, or just based on the culture you're living in?

The person who got me started on my spiritual journey was my dad. As a kid he is the one who taught me about the Bible and explained what it meant to have a relationship with Jesus. Because of that, he has more influence in my spiritual life than anyone. If he came to me and said, "Son, I really need to talk to you. I don't believe in Jesus anymore.." what would I say?? If the person with the most influence in your life came to you and said that, what would you do? Would you still choose to believe it or would it cause you to change your mind?

Do you follow Jesus because HE'S convinced you he is who he says he is, or do you follow him because you assume the people you respect are convinced? Wow. I don't know.


  1. At the point that I would ever say that to you, I would hope I would also stop being a spiritual influence in your life.

    Great question!

  2. I don;t base my faith on what anyone else thinks or believes, but I know many who do.

    All those people whose faith gets rocked or disappears when their pastor sins obviously depend on others for their own faith.

    Jesus wants us to all have a personal relationship with him. If we don't then who are we really following?

    Great post!

  3. These are very good question's.

    I answered the first one on Twitter already. But I've been thinking about the seond one most of the day. And after all that thought and imagining a moment like that I have an answer!

    My grandmother has been my spiritual influence. She doesn't do anything without praying about it first. She's preached to a lot of people and she's taught me a lot. Without her I wouldn't know the Lord the way I do.

    So if she ever came to me and said that well... I'd be heart broken. But I would never stop believing or trusting in the Lord.

    He's shown Himself to be real and faithful in my life like no one else. He's been with me at my lowest point in life and forgiven my worst mistake's. So even if my grandma said she didn't believe anymore I still would. I've questioned a lot of things in my life, right now especially, but I've never questioned my belief in Him.

    This was a very interesting blog. God bless you Nate! And your dad.

    In Christ,