Monday, June 29, 2009

integrity comes first: asg five

Being in a leadership position will give you lots of opportunities to be out of class. I've heard countless times from people in the hallway, "man, are you ever in class?" The truth is, I was in class a lot more than I could have been. Because again, being in a position of leadership in the school will allow you a lot of freedom.

There are plenty of students in the school who will take advantage of every opportunity to be out of class. They will know which teachers they can get a note from to skip, and they will do that often. The one thing that allows you to stay respected, despite the fact that you are questioning the system and pushing the envelope, is the depth of your character. The standard is set higher for you as a leader than anyone else in the school. You can either choose to take advantage of your position, or choose to never compromise your integrity. It will be a lot easier to take advantage of your position, and choosing not to compromise your integrity WILL BE overlooked, but that's who you are as a leader. You can choose to do the right thing regardless of whether or not anyone is going to notice or give you recognition.

If at any point you're caught intentionally being dishonest, the respect people have for you will be gone immediately. So put your integrity first. Put it above everything.

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