Tuesday, May 19, 2009

coach mang

I finished my first period Government exam this morning, successfully completing high school. (Assuming I passed the exam..) Coach Mang is the US Government teacher at Rossview, but probably most importantly he's the Defensive Coordinator for our football team. He's well-liked by all the students, and is definitely respected.

Coach Mang and I have had somewhat of an interesting relationship this year. He was always extremely encouraging to me with everything I wanted to accomplish this year, and I would like to think he respected me for trying to get people behind the football team. That was all during the 1st semester, though, and I didn't actually have him as a teacher until the 2nd semester.

I've always been self-motivated, but the 2nd semester of my senior year proved to be problematic when it came time to wake up every morning. I ended up being tardy to his class a lot, which caused me to have a few detentions, and I also missed his class a bunch too. So much so that last week I had no more days left to miss, and no more tardies to give.

Despite the fact that I knew all of that, I was late to his class one day last week. Just based on the rules Coach Mang had to write me up. After he did so, however, he called me up to his desk and said, "Mr. Edmondson, give me one good reason why I shouldn't turn this in." I responded with, "because you are an extremely knowledgeable government teacher, and I respect you a lot." That must have been a good enough answer, because he ripped up the tardy note.

So I'd just like to say thanks to Coach Mang for cutting me some slack even though I didn't deserve it. That's what grace is, and I really appreciate Coach Mang doing that for me, especially since we all know he is extremely capable of executing justice. Haha, thanks coach Mang. Good luck next year, and try to keep that Shield!

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