Friday, May 29, 2009

a christian revolution

I tweeted earlier about a frustration I had paying 9 dollars for a movie ticket. Almost immediately people were commenting to express their frustration as well. This struck me as a little ironic. I mean of all the things to be upset about, we as humans, or more specifically Americans, choose a couple extra dollars at a movie theater to be angry about.

As I think about this, I realize I've spent a lot of time motivating people to be upset about things that really don't matter. First of all, I love Seinfeld. When you boil it down Seinfeld is pretty much just a show about characters getting mad at pointless things... and then arguing over the significance of it all. Then you look at me during basketball games. I bet I've yelled at more people for not cheering at basketball games than anyone in the history of high school sports, and even more at the referees. In the same category, I was apart of turning a nice, civilized community of Rossview students into complete savages before the Warfield Game. I've stopped eating at restaurants, stopped getting my haircut at a certain place, stopped reading books, stopped taking family photos, etc, etc, etc simply because I was frustrated. I recognized a problem of some kind, complained about it, and eventually began attempting to convince others to share my beliefs.

To quote George Costanza, "What kind of sick society are we living in...?" We seriously allow ourselves to become completely infuriated with stuff like cars double parking? Or waiting for 3 hours at a court room... or worse... the DMV? We are so fast to voice the ridiculousness that exists in paying 9 dollars for a movie ticket, YET, at the same time, in the midst of all that purely insignificant crap, we claim to have a faith in Jesus Christ that SAVES US FROM ETERNAL DAMNATION, and we do nothing? Seriously? What are we doing?

Can someone please get pissed off about something that matters?!? Can someone please get pissed off about the fact that the world is in absolute desperate need of rescuing?!? Can someone please get pissed off about the fact that there are children being sold into prostitution by the millions all over the world?!?? Can someone please get pissed off about the fact that in Africa millions of people lack one of the most fundamental ingredients to existence on planet earth??!?

I'm so sick and tired of watching people who carry the solution to all of those problems get frustrated over movie tickets, and I'm one of the biggest ones! Honestly, I'm such a huge hypocrite in so many ways. I've spent so much of my high school years wasting opportunities to share the solution with so many people who need it. So much so that I'm fully convinced that in order to find true satisfaction in this life you have to have given everything you have towards sharing the solution.

Please, if you are a believer, stop being consumed with desires to fulfill your earthly needs, and start moving in the direction of surrendering everything you have for the ultimate purpose of sharing the solution with the rest of the world. Until we as believers begin doing that, nothing we say or do will carry any weight with nonbelievers. If we say we believe in something as big as the movement of Christ, how can we not focus our lives around that belief? Equally as important, how can nonbelievers even take our faith seriously if we aren't willing to surrender everything we have for the sake of what we believe?

"If I am killed, it will be while I am speaking. Believe me, I will not be silent." -Haik Hovsepian Mehr, Iranian Missionary and Martyr

It's time to embrace a revolutionary spirit as Christians. Taking the solution to the rest of the world through love.


  1. Wow! Great stuff here--u r so right on with this. Way to go--I love what God is doing in your shows with what you're wrestling with...keep pressing forward!!

  2. Our worlds going to be okay if we have people like you influencing the thinking of your generation. Keep up the good words and good work. My three teens (18,15,14) are sold out Christ followers as well. I am going to share this post them, I know it will stir their soul.
    You seem like a great guy...anyone who loves Sienfiled and quotes George Constanza wins my heart.

  3. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Love how you're thinking! Keep it up.