Tuesday, May 26, 2009

think big: asg one

Principle: Think Big

Before you can make a difference, you have to know what needs to be different. Today in church world there are tons of people thinking big and outside the box, but in the school setting there's hardly anyone. If you think church is bad about establishing routines and traditions, you should try going to high school. Plus, at high school you have a bunch of "leaders" (or at least people in leadership roles) who don't even want to be there. Think about trying to convince a bunch of teachers who are already over worked to get behind your student project.

Despite those initial struggles, continue to think big. Even if there’s no one else who has a vision for what can happen where you are, continue to imagine what can happen. Everyone would love for things to improve, they just don't even realize anything needs to; don’t worry about it. The sky is the limit. Don’t shoot small because you’re afraid you can’t pull off the massive or because you feel like no one else gets what you're doing. Shoot big and if you miss and come up short you’re no worse off than if you had just shot small to begin with.

Think Big.

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