Thursday, May 21, 2009

adjusting leadership roles

Now that school's over, almost all of my leadership roles are over as well. It's definitely proving to be a weird adjustment for me. Before when I would read books and blogs and listen to talks and podcasts about leadership, I had a place where I could try and apply the information right away. As I read or listened I could think, "How can that be implemented in (blank)?" Now that I don't really have a leadership (blank), I don't know how to apply leadership principles to my life.

What do people do when they don't know where to use their gifts?


  1. hey buddy I really do not think there is going to be a BLANK in your life very long! in the short time i have known you i am yet to see you not to place yourself into a BLANK or a BLANK where you cannot honor God and serve Him where that may be and however that may be. make yourself a life long learner and the roles and application points will come.

  2. For me... I let God do the talking... he plants ideas in my head... entrepreneurialism is definitely part (but not all) of my leadership style... so trying and start new things (at least for the moment) has been what God has been telling me to do...

    Recently it has been a youth event at my church, before that beginning with my friend... and onto this summer and running a conference in conjunction with j516.

    So my advice is... listen to God... sometimes his ideas just sound like great ideas... often you just get that good 'God' feeling about those ideas...

    I get them on walks... sometimes on my bike rides (but they take more concentration!)... so find your secret place and listen

  3. nate,

    i think that the off times can be a good break for you to refuel and learn to enjoy some chill time (if you haven't already of course). it also gives you the opportunity to find a vision or reshape an old one for where the future may take you. these times can also be God's way of telling you to just be still for a bit and re-realize who He is as God in your life.

    just a few thoughts my friend.

  4. Nate, love your thought here, leadership is not a position it is a lifestyle, it is influence...for most people they spend their life chasing the right "blank" instead of living a life of leadership and leading strong right where God has them.

    Love ya dude, glad to call your friend and serve with ya