Monday, March 16, 2009

the kindle and iphone changing the scope of the world

Tony Hill recently blogged about the Kindle and iPhone and how he can read books without even having a book in his hand and SO much more. You can read about it HERE.

My question is how all this new stuff is going to affect the transfer of information 50-100 years from now. For millenniums(is that the plural form of that word?) whichever civilization understood the importance of books was the civilization that was able to prosper and rise to the top scientifically, philosophically, martially, infra structurally, etc. The emphasis on libraries as a place to obtain and share information has been absolutely HUGE ever since the human race could. The fact that the Library at Alexandria burned down is like a major setback to archaeologists.

With all this new technology, what place are books going to serve? If I can carry 20,000 books on my kindle, then why do I need a library? Obviously librarians are already facing that problem because of the internet in general, but what happens if this magnificent giant server crashes? All of our information is subject to being lost forever. Now that's somewhat of a 1984 approach to looking at society, but isn't it possible? Is it possible for humans to become so technological focused that paper eventually becomes completely irrelevant? It's already happening with the music industry, and what's stopping "the reading industry" from doing the same? And is that even a bad thing?

Eventually colleges won't even have to assign text books... or even have class for that matter. With online conferencing and what not. Maybe I'm taking the grandpa approach to looking at the changes in society, but isn't there part of you that questions whether or not this rapid change of social interaction is a good thing? Is the government ready to regulate all of this? Can the government adjust to the changes as fast as the changes come about? Is it possible that this whole new technological revolution is ultimately just going to bring about anarchy?

I wonder how God is going to use all of this for his glory? I think the initial reaction is for us to jump on board quickly and believe that God is going to use the kindle for his renown, and he is more than capable of that! I personally think, though, that this will all last decades, and then eventually people will feel an intense desire to connect with something bigger and more intimate than a screen. When that happens, I think they'll find Jesus. Either way, God will find a way to make himself famous through it all, and I'd love for him to let me in on the details so I can be apart of it.

As a final thought... I don't think the world will ever become MORE technologically focused than interpersonally focused simply because you can't have real sex technologically.. at least that I'm aware of.. unless of course the institution of marriage and sex becomes significantly redefined through this whole process.. which the institution of marriage is already becoming less and less valuable to society.. so I guess we'll see.

Friday, March 13, 2009

choose your own price marketing idea

I just saw a news story on a Java street cafe in Ohio that is letting their customers choose their own prices for everything in the store. Whenever a customer walks up to pay for their coffee, sandwich, muffin, etc. they allow the customer to decide how much they want to pay for everything they're about to buy.

Think about that for a minute. The CUSTOMERS get to decide how much the items they're buying are worth. Is that not the most logical, brilliant marketing strategy you've ever heard of? Not only does it make the customers happy that they are getting to determine the price of their food, but it also challenges them to examine exactly HOW MUCH the American dollar is worth! This business is redefining popular sovereignty in the market place.

If Americans could simply pause long enough to question the prices stores charge, and make a decision that their dollar is worth more than the business is saying it is, then prices would drop all over the country because the value of the American dollar would go up exponentially to consumers, because ultimately value is all in perception.

This is one of the coolest ideas I've heard of, and the best part is they are still meeting their bottom line. Americans need to be able to believe in the economy if it's ever going to get better, and this idea is a HUGE way to do that.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

brewing ideas

I'm in the process of developing some really big ideas that no one knows about. I feel like these are they types of thoughts that have to brew inside of me for a long time before I know what they are... even though that doesn't really make sense. It's weird how some people can have big ideas and be seen as successful entrepreneurs, whereas others can sit and think about big ideas and be seen as mentally insane. I would argue sanity has no place in the development of big ideas.

Are big ideas kind of like beer?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

middle school small group

I lead a small group at Remix for middle schoolers. The common ingredient present in just about all middle schoolers I've ever met is the ingredient of a developing sense of humor. In Social Studies they use the terms Developing and Developed when referring to countries to decide if the country is economically, systematically, and infrastructurally stable. A developed country is one that is stable, a developING country is one that is not and is trying to improve.

I think this principle can be applied to the personalities of middle schoolers. They are all developING countries. None of them really know what they want to be when they grow up, or have any clue as to how not cool some of the so called "cool" things they participate in are. The same could be said about all age groups to the next age group, though, I guess... so it's probably safe to say I'll say the same thing about myself 5 years from now.

What's cool is that we have the opportunity to shape their developing personalities right now. They are essentially just play-dough that those who have influence in their lives can just play with. The only problem is that we can't control WHO they are being influenced by; the only thing we can do is take any ounce of influence we happen to have and try to shape more effectively than the other influencing factors in their lives. That's the challenge, and honestly it's not enough to explain that the Bible is real and they need to believe it... for them to be shaped to look most like Jesus, the influencer has to be willing to be shaped like Jesus as well. Honestly, that's a lot of pressure.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

loops with garage band

I just recorded my first two real loops with garage band. Garage band is so cool and easy to use, and I'm really excited about getting to create and record a lot of different loops and easy listening electronic music. There's nothing I love more in the music world than a few well thought out loops and melodies put together to form one super loop.

Here's the link if you'd like to listen to the new songs:

The new songs are called Hong Kong Noodle and Please Don't Stay Long. Check it out! They're really awesome!

More songs to come!