Friday, February 20, 2009

rossview advances to the region

Tonight Rossview beat Northwest in the first round of the district tournament. We've been struggling as of late, losing 6 of our last 7, but tonight all of that was erased. By winning tonight we qualified for the regional tournament next weekend. Tomorrow we'll be playing Northeast in the District Semi-Final game in Springfield. We've played Northeast close twice, and tomorrow I think we can come away with a win.

I'm not going to be able to be at the game tomorrow because I have my first ever preaching gig at a church in Kentucky. It's only the second game I'll have missed this year, but I'm missing it for something I love even more than basketball.

Tonight after the game I was able to be in the locker room with the team, and let me just say that was probably one of the coolest experiences ever! I've been in the locker room after a lot of games, but I've never seen the team as fired up and happy as they were tonight. Those guys are some of the goofiest people on the planet, and I absolutely love all of them! Regardless of what happens the rest of the season, those guys have made a huge impact on the way I view life. Their ability to laugh and enjoy moments is so incredible, and I'm so glad I accepted the offer last year to be the Student Assistant Coach.

Thanks to Coach Jackson, Coach Blake, Coach Williams, and Coach Hudson for letting me hang out with the team and be apart of the best program in Clarksville! I love Rossview basketball probably a little more than I should, and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to get to hang out with the team!

Go Rossivew tomorrow! I'll be praying for you and will get the church in Kentucky to pray as well! Haha... if we win, I get to keep this marble basketball piggy bank in Coach Jackson's office... haha I've been waiting a while for this chance!


  1. Nate,

    I follow your father on twitter. Your writing is excellent. It must run in the family,because your Dad is pretty good as well.

    Keep on writing. You have something important to say. I really believe.

  2. I follow your father too Nate.

    Hope your preaching gig glorifies God more than you can even hope or imagine, and I'm sure it's the first of many to come.

  3. Great post! Know that I'll be praying for YOU tomorrow! Love ya Ed!

  4. One of our pastors started preaching as a teenager. He was still preaching 50 years later.

  5. I would love for you to share your thoughts from your sermon on your blog so we can all hear it! :)