Wednesday, February 11, 2009

dog poop

My dog has recently formed a habit of pooping in the house. Some how I step in it literally every time! It's probably one of the most irritating things about my life. The grossest part about it all though, is that the way I realize that I've stepped in it is by the smell that is following me around. My first reaction is to smell my armpit... haha, that strikes me as very ironic somehow.

The good news is I think I've learned something from it all. A year ago my dog was just as potty-trained as the next dog. She would stand by the door when she wanted to go out, bark a few times, occasionally jump up and down. Oddly enough she hasn't barked in about a year either, and I think it's interesting that the bark is so closely tied to the poop. Anyway it's crazy how fast habits can be broken! We slacked up on the discipline for her pooping in the house just a few times, and now suddenly it's become a NEW habit, and one that stinks... (pun.. lame..)

One of my dogs passions is pooping, because she has to do that to survive. When just a little discipline is added to her passion- she forms habits. If I could just add a little discipline to my life I could probably bench press a lot more than I can now... and probably be a lot more productive in all areas of my life.

Discipline makes a lot more sense to me now.

Also as a side note- discipline is the same word as disciple, just with an -ine at the end instead of an -e. Anyway...

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