Saturday, January 31, 2009

faith and force power

In the book of Judges we meet Gideon. His story is one of my favorite Bible stories because of the whole battle aspect of it all. Anytime a Bible character can kill like 30,000 men... it's pretty cool.A popular part of Gideon's story is the whole "throw out the fleece" thing. Gideon wasn't sure if it was really God asking him to kill the Midianites, so he tested God twice with the fleece.

I'm preparing to speak at a Disciple Now about faith, so this week I've been reading a lot scripture dealing with the idea of faith. When Jesus is talking to the disciples at one point he tells them that with the faith of a mustardseed they could move mountains.

As I was sitting at my desk reading that, I decided I would try it... but on a smaller scale. There's this little hole in my desk that my dad drilled so we could run a bunch of different cords from the outlet underneath the desk to the top of the desk... anyway, there's a hole in my desk. Also on my desk is this big bouncy ball that fits nicely into the hole so that it can sit in the hole without falling through to the floor... following? (I'll probably get in trouble for writing this part, but I feel a little awkward talking about holes and things fitting nicely into them.. maybe that's the teenager in me... or maybe that's the guy in me, I'm not really sure.)

So I decided I would throw out a fleece of my own. I sat the bouncy ball right on the edge of the hole in my desk, and asked God to move the bouncy ball into the hole. I prayed very spiritually and intently for about 5 minutes... and nothing happened. I have absolute faith that God CAN move the bouncy ball if he chooses, but I lacked faith the entire time that he would actually do it, because honestly it doesn't seem like God ever does anything like that anymore.

In the Bible we see God actually doing crazy things like that for people, but to be honest I've never actually had anything like that happen to me. I understand that now we have the Holy Spirit and things are a little different spiritually than in Gideon's day, but I kind of feel like God should pass some of that power along to the Holy Spirit. (Sorry if I'm completely misunderstanding the Trinity, I haven't had any formal Biblical training yet..)

My dad blogs a lot about my blog, but this time I'm going to mention his.
In this post he talks about understanding how our opportunities and experiences relate to our faith... or something like that.

Anyway, here's my question I guess: What kind of faith is needed to move stuff? Do you have to have faith that God is capable, or that he's actually going to respond in the individual situation? I just need to know because to be honest I feel like this whole faith thing can potentially give me the equivalence of force powers.. and that would make me a lot more like Luke Skywalker than I currently am, and probably a lot more like Jesus too, considering he obviously had the power of moving mountains down and Luke struggled to move the rocks correctly on Degobah.

Alright, this had completely pure intentions when I started, and now it's turned into a relation of faith to star wars.. not sure how that happened, but the intent of this was actually pretty serious and genuine... originally.

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  1. Hello Nate, Thanks for posting your comments on Gideon. It made me think about the story and apply it to my life. It has been a while since I have taken a serious look at that particular story in the Bible.

    Don Hornsby