Tuesday, January 27, 2009

crumb flavored doughnuts

Last Sunday I was in a gas station to get a snack. As usual I got a Root Beer, but the food substance is always up for grabs. Debating between Shock Tarts and Doughnuts, I began to scan through the doughnut flavors. There were the usual chocolate and powdered sugar flavors, but then I saw a flavor I'd never seen before... it was called Crumb.

Now I'm not an expert on much of anything, but one thing I know is that "crumb" is not a flavor. It could possibly be considered a description of a snack, but not the flavor of a snack. There are some flavors that can be descriptions and flavors, such as Orange, but crumb is not one of those. Crumb I'm not sure can even be a description of a snack though, because crumb is a noun not an adjective. A crumb is like the decomposition phase of a snack. After the snack has fulfilled its purpose, lived its life, been eaten, it leaves behind its remains. The bottom line is that crumb, regardless of whether or not it could be considered a description, CANNOT be considered a flavor. There are tons of flavors that leave behind crumbs, so it's practically impossible to trace crumbs in general back to a single flavor.

Keeping all of that in mind, now think about the decision I was faced with when it came time for me to pick my snack for the day. Despite how absurd it is for the doughnut company to think that they can name one of their products "crumb", I decided to give them a chance. I asked the cash register lady if she knew what the crumb flavor was, and she wasn't interested in participating in the conversation. Anyway, all that to say, the crumb flavored doughnuts (and I use the word flavored lightly) were actually very good. I'll most definitely be getting them again.

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  1. this was a thought provoking, investigative, and ground breaking blog. thank you.