Friday, December 26, 2008

everybody's a 'wanna be'

While I was participating in the holiday shopping movement that swept across America the last few days, I was honestly a little over whelmed by all the stores and check out lines. I'm not a big shopper to say the least, so because my shopping stamina isn't very well developed, every time I looked up at the aisle I would get light headed and feel sick to my stomach.

This lead me to sitting down on the mall benches for the majority of my time at the mall. While sitting on the mall bench, there's really only two things to do: Update my twitter status, or people-watch. Because I haven't fully bought into twitter yet, I decided to people-watch.

As I observed, here is what I noticed: Everybody is a "wanna-be".

Everybody either wants to be somebody else, have more of something, dress more like a certain someone, or fit into a certain genre of people. It doesn't matter their age, color, or social grouping. Everybody is a "wanna-be".

It's really easy for me to believe that though. Honestly you can see why people want to try and be something their not. It's so easy to think that the best way to get a girl is to "be" a certain way, because obviously if "being" the way we are was working... we'd already have a girl. That's just one example, but I think the root of the "wanna-be" problem is one small sad simple thing: lack of self confidence. If a person can be fully confident in who they are, then it really doesn't matter what other people think.

The insight I've gained from all of this is very important to me. Here's the principle: The most successful people are going to be the people who learn how to manipulate other people's desire to be more like something, and can market that particular something the best. Whether that's fair or ethical I'm not really sure, but I really do think it's true.

Is it possible for the church to market Jesus in a way that makes people want to be more like Him? I hope so. Jesus is the best product there is to offer, but I think a lot of times Christians make Him look like He sucks.


  1. Nate - wish I had this wisdom at 17. I am who God made me to be and it took me way to long to get comfortable with that. And until we do, as followers of Christ, we will will continue to make him look like he sucks! Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

  2. 'scuse me, i believe i'm the one that led you to this "discovery" you call your own.