Tuesday, October 21, 2008

rossview sweeps clarksville

I've got some big news for Rossview fans! Are you ready? This fall Rossview beat Clarksville High in EVERY SINGLE SPORT! Let me say that one more time... EVERY SINGLE SPORT!

Boys Golf
Cross Country- lets be honest.. can you say Jake Rainey?
Football- Warfield Champions
Girls Soccer- Great win tonight!

Not to mention girls golf where we won a STATE CHAMPIONSHIP!

I've said from the beginning that this was the year that everything changes, and I think it's safe to say that that has become a reality!

I love Rossview with all my heart! Go Hawks!


  1. yay! pretty sweeeeeet

  2. You know I think it's because I'm not there anymore... it just really bummed everyone out, and they can't handle it =] kidding

  3. im glad that you enjoyed the game, i was busy sweating my guts out in a 1,000,000 degree chicken suit getting made fun of ( : "go back to chick-fil-a" "stupid bird, get out of my face" ( : i just LOVE highschool football.