Monday, October 20, 2008

restarting after a break

Coming back from fall break proved to be a challenging task in my leadership skills today. How do you keep motivating people to stay behind a vision after a break if you struggle to stay motivated yourself? Taking breaks can either really help an organization gain momentum or really hurt the momentum you had before the break. I think it's definitely good to take take time off to rest and refocus, but the leader's job is to come back even more fired up than before.

Here's the principle: A leader can't come back from a break without a plan of action if he wants the organization to continue moving forward.

Sadly I know lots of people in leadership positions that don't have a plan of action and honestly never had one. The question then is how did they end up in that position? Hmm...


  1. Maxwell calls it positional leadership. Example: a lifeguard, the kids in the pool may defer to the lifeguard's leadership when it comes to rules but not necessarily follow the rules when he or she isn't looking. That's because the lifeguard has a positional leadership and not one that is earned through merit and trust.

  2. ahh.. much like liberal congressmen and hallway monitors.

  3. Today was our cottage school's first day back to school after a three-day camping trip. Boy was I exhausted! As the teacher, I knew the kids would be exhausted, too. So, I let them ease into the week today instead of going full force. Sometimes we have to rest up after a break, and that's okay.

    It's a wise leader who leads and doesn't push. Pushing isn't leading and you can't lead people who won't follow. So yes, you are right. We need wisdom from God. And with that kind of wisdom, how can we fail?

    I wish I were as wise as you at 17! Carry on, Wise Nate!

  4. good stuff man, breaks are healthy as long s you have an environment people want to come back to. yo just have to kep working at it. good post