Thursday, October 16, 2008

presidential debate

I just finished watching the latest debate and I was really impressed tonight. In the last few I feel like McCain has really struggled making his points and has really looked inferior to Obama simply because of the difference in their speaking strengths. Tonight I feel like was very different. McCain to me seemed very sharp and focused. For the first time in this campaign Obama really was put on the spot a couple times and put out of his comfort zone; something that he has done to McCain since the start. Regardless of who people decide to vote for, I really hope that tonight just took some of the attention off of Obama's polished speaking skills. Whether I agree with their politics or not, a candidate's ability to speak to audiences should not determine their worthiness to be the leader of our nation. What America needs right now more than ever is a leader who can take us in a positive direction, and just because someone can speak eloquently does not make them a great leader... it does, however, make them appear as a great leader initially, which is kind of scary to think about. Hitler was a great speaker, and seemingly a great leader in the sense that he got lots and lots of people behind a very weak and evil vision, but isn't leadership more than just motivating people? Isn't a REAL Godly leader someone who can move people in a God-honoring direction?

As a final note- one of the greatest leaders of the Bible was Moses. If you remember he was also a very insecure introvert who hated public speaking. He had been hurt by people in authority and it was his integrity that made him qualified to lead the people of Israel. Maybe a man's heart is more directly related to leadership than a man's tongue..


  1. Ed - You never cease to amaze me!!!

  2. excellent point in that last paragraph, nate. always enjoy reading your stuff!