Tuesday, October 7, 2008

colors: video blog

This is my first ever video blog. My first ever video blog.


  1. is my shirt really turquoise? thanks for leading the game Wed. CRAVEEEEE

  2. I've thought about that before. I thought I was the only weirdo...now I know you are too!

    I think the same thing is true for taste. What an apple tastes like to me may be different for you, but since we're conditioned that THAT flavor is "apple," we all recognize it as that.

    Wow, that was deep, confusing, and dumb all at the same time.


  3. Well, I would imagine that to get the color blind person's perspective they would give a copy of the original and have the color blind person draw/paint what they see. Makes sense to me anyway. And like Ben said this could go beyond taste and sight into relativistic experiences. Kinda like how two people can go through the exact same experience and have vastly different perspectives on the whole thing. Just my 2/100ths of a dollar.