Monday, October 27, 2008

ben reed's little guy

My good friend Ben Reed is officially a daddy. Obviously he didn't do it on his own.. Laura had a lot to do with the kid too, but I just wanted to give a shout out to Ben here on Moons From Burma. He's an awesome guy and I feel like I could go and talk to him whenever I need to. He's going to be a really good dad, and Rex is going to be blessed with a great family and two outstanding God honoring parents.

Congratulations Ben and Laura!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

sweet night at remix

Tonight's Remix experience to me was one of the coolest experiences in Relevant history. The setlist had some of my favorite songs and my keyboard parts were cool and it was just a very powerful set.

Happy Day
Inside Out- transitioning into Glory to God (new awesome song from Steve Fee)
You are God by Charlie Hall which was great because:

We started the Godview series put out by XP3 this week. I am really looking forward to the next few weeks at Remix. I think it's going to be a very important series in connecting the dots between what we do AT REMIX, and spending time with God on our own OUTSIDE of Remix. Just a few thoughts/points from the night:'

Bottom Line: The most important thing about a person is what they think about when they think about God.

In my video blog on colors I talk about the different perceptions that people can have when they look at colors, and the same is true for God. We all say God and we all know WHAT God is when society says the word "God", but we all have COMPLETELY DIFFERENT views on who God actually is. The challenge for tonight was to spend time with God and see if our perception will start to change as we learn more about Him, because obviously we've all known people and had our perception of that person change as we spend more time with them and get to know them more... and it's the same with God.

Anyway I'm looking forward to this series and I really hope this will change and strengthen our view of God. check out that site and listen to michael's podcast! Great message!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

rossview sweeps clarksville

I've got some big news for Rossview fans! Are you ready? This fall Rossview beat Clarksville High in EVERY SINGLE SPORT! Let me say that one more time... EVERY SINGLE SPORT!

Boys Golf
Cross Country- lets be honest.. can you say Jake Rainey?
Football- Warfield Champions
Girls Soccer- Great win tonight!

Not to mention girls golf where we won a STATE CHAMPIONSHIP!

I've said from the beginning that this was the year that everything changes, and I think it's safe to say that that has become a reality!

I love Rossview with all my heart! Go Hawks!

Monday, October 20, 2008

restarting after a break

Coming back from fall break proved to be a challenging task in my leadership skills today. How do you keep motivating people to stay behind a vision after a break if you struggle to stay motivated yourself? Taking breaks can either really help an organization gain momentum or really hurt the momentum you had before the break. I think it's definitely good to take take time off to rest and refocus, but the leader's job is to come back even more fired up than before.

Here's the principle: A leader can't come back from a break without a plan of action if he wants the organization to continue moving forward.

Sadly I know lots of people in leadership positions that don't have a plan of action and honestly never had one. The question then is how did they end up in that position? Hmm...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

haunted woods: adams tennessee

So tonight I passed up watching the UT game on pay-per-view to go to the Haunted Woods in Adams, TN. Now that the night is over and I have time to reflect, I'd say that was a big mistake(which is saying a lot considering the state of UT Football this season..) Because of the whole legend of the bell witch thing Adams is supposed to be a very scary and "wet your pants" sort of town, the haunted woods doesn't do the town justice at all and I'd almost go as far to say that I've been more scared walking from my truck inside the house at night than I was the majority of the time walking in the woods..

If you're trying to decide whether or not to feed your Halloween spirit this season, let me advise you to feed it elsewhere. The Haunted Woods is very lame and ultimately a waste of 10 bucks.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

presidential debate

I just finished watching the latest debate and I was really impressed tonight. In the last few I feel like McCain has really struggled making his points and has really looked inferior to Obama simply because of the difference in their speaking strengths. Tonight I feel like was very different. McCain to me seemed very sharp and focused. For the first time in this campaign Obama really was put on the spot a couple times and put out of his comfort zone; something that he has done to McCain since the start. Regardless of who people decide to vote for, I really hope that tonight just took some of the attention off of Obama's polished speaking skills. Whether I agree with their politics or not, a candidate's ability to speak to audiences should not determine their worthiness to be the leader of our nation. What America needs right now more than ever is a leader who can take us in a positive direction, and just because someone can speak eloquently does not make them a great leader... it does, however, make them appear as a great leader initially, which is kind of scary to think about. Hitler was a great speaker, and seemingly a great leader in the sense that he got lots and lots of people behind a very weak and evil vision, but isn't leadership more than just motivating people? Isn't a REAL Godly leader someone who can move people in a God-honoring direction?

As a final note- one of the greatest leaders of the Bible was Moses. If you remember he was also a very insecure introvert who hated public speaking. He had been hurt by people in authority and it was his integrity that made him qualified to lead the people of Israel. Maybe a man's heart is more directly related to leadership than a man's tongue..

Monday, October 13, 2008

beeson's global center

I had one of the most spiritual few seconds of my life today. I'm in Birmingham, Alabama for a few days visiting Mary who goes to Samford university, and I was walking around the campus so I decided to stop by Beeson Divinity School. They have this thing called "The Global Center" where they basically connect the movement of Christ to the rest of the world. In this museum looking exhibit they spotlight a bunch of missionaries and their stories. They also give some quotes from some of these missionaries, and as I read some of them I must admit I got a little teary-eyed. Here are some of the ones that stuck out to me:

"If I am killed, it will be while I am speaking. Believe me, I will not be silent."

"I have been threatened many times. I face daily being picked up by soldiers. But, while the opportunity is there, I preach the Gospel."

"We must come to realize that unless our love is demonstrated practically, our Gospel will sound hollow and unconvincing."

"My advice to missionaries is to proclaim the Word more and argue about it less."

We take Christianity for granted so much in America, and these guys were giving up their lives for it. For some reason I feel like these guys would hate the majority of churches in America. I wonder why that is... maybe because we're all missing it. I don't know what the answer is, but I just know that I was extremely convicted today as I read that stuff.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

colors: video blog

This is my first ever video blog. My first ever video blog.