Thursday, September 4, 2008

warfield: the whole story

Tomorrow is the big day. The biggest rivalry in Clarksville is Clarksville High School VS. Rossview High School, hands down. Tomorrow is the football game between these two schools, and the best way to express how excited I am about this game is to look at the time at which this is being published. It's almost 11:00 as I'm writing this, meaning that I've stayed up way too late in anticipation for this game.

Being the Student Body president at Rossview, I decided about four months ago that we needed to specifically put an impact on this game as a school. It's great to support the rivalry in general, but I felt like it needed to be spotlighted in a more unique way than just being one game out of the season. So immediately upon being elected I started brainstorming things we could do to promote the game, and that's when the journey began.

I ended up landing on the idea of making a name for the football game and having a trophy of some kind that could be passed back and fourth to the schools each year. The next step in all of this was getting approval and getting everyone on board with this idea. So on May 23rd, 2008 I sent Laura Martin (the ASG president at Clarksville High) a message on facebook. I explained to her what I wanted to do and just asked if she was at all interested. Thankfully she loved the idea and she wanted to move forward with it. So we both got three people from each of our schools to meet at Starbucks one day and simply sit down and figure out a name and a trophy for this game.

The meeting lasted about three hours, and the first two and a half of that was spent thinking of names and trophies and etc. We were talking about calling the game "The Gator Bowl" or "The Moose Head" or "931 Turf War", but none of them really clicked with all of us. As we were about to settle on one of those names and call it a day, we got a call from a girl named Katie Snyder, who just happens to be the daughter of the Clarksville High coach. She said she had an idea for the game, but wasn't sure if it was any good or not but just wanted to pass it along. When she told us we all knew right away that it was the right name. She called it "Warfield", because of Warfield Blvd. that connects the two schools. Immediately ideas started being thrown around by the rest of us about what all we could do with that, and at that moment "Warfield" stuck.

As for the trophy, we wanted it to be a "massive shield" that could be called "The Warfield Shield". The only problem we were faced with now was finding the shield. So I searched the Internet constantly looking for places where we could customize our shield or simply get a shield period, but was having no luck. About two weeks before school started we were running out of time and needed to come up with something fast. So me and Luci Knott were driving around Clarksville one day going from pawn shop to pawn shop just looking for a shield of any kind. We were at our last store when a customer in line heard us talking about a shield. He came over and said, "you guys are looking for a shield?... is that right?" I wasn't real impressed with the fact that he had over heard us talking, I mean anyone could do that... so I was like yea yea yea we're looking for a shield, and he said, "that's the craziest thing! My best friend sells shields down at the Flea market on Saturday mornings! You'd have to get there real early though if you wanna get one!"

Being somewhat scared of going to the flea market alone, and also a little skeptical about having to wake up at 6:00 in the morning during the summer, I kind of played it off and acted somewhat uninterested. He kept insisting he could help us out though so I figured we could at least give this guy a shot. On Saturday when we showed up they had four shields left, and one of them happened to be just the size we were looking for. It was mustard yellow, and I wasn't real happy about the color choice and wasn't sure if we could paint it, but we had one week to get a shield or the whole thing would be called off... so we got it, $120 dollars worth.

Immediately we got it painted by our art department at school, and then Sporty's awards put some emblems on it for us, and the shield was made. Both principals at the school agreed it was a great idea and the rest is history.

Tomorrow will be the first of many Warfield Games to come, and I hope with all my heart that Rossview wins tomorrow. We have never once beaten Clarksville High in the eight years that we've been a school, but this is the year that everything changes! Be at Warfield tomorrow at Rossview High School, 7:30 PM kick off!


  1. What a great idea! I miss the days of high school football games, especially against our rival, and the days of student government! We used to have SO much fun! Since I live in the Clarksville High School zone I'm a little torn on who to root for! :o) I will say good luck to both teams and will be praying for a fun, injury free night!

  2. Nathaniel---you are AWESOME. Seriously, your dedication to our school is beyond inspiring-keep on rocking, dude (:

  3. so i told you we were having you committed if we lost, but we didn't, so i have to say good job. i honestly think we won because it was so built up, and we all know who was responsible for that. despite your constant ramblings at lunch, and never failing absences from english, i have to say you're doing a much better job that i've seen anyone else do.

  4. Proud of you Ed!! Luv ya! Cheryl

  5. WOW. that is quite a picture. what a cool story!!!