Thursday, September 25, 2008

english class

I'm currently sitting in the library at school. Our English teacher has just assigned us this "Coat of Arms" project where we have to create our own coat of arms that represents us. I've had quite a bit of experience so far this year designing shields.. haha but I'm having a little more trouble getting motivated to do this shield than I had getting motivated about the Warfield Shield. So we have two weeks before this whole thing is due so I'll probably end up pushing this whole thing aside until next Wednesday or Thursday.

The bottom line is that I absolutely hate projects like this. I don't understand how this project could somehow educate me or impact my life in any way. What difference will this stupid Coat of Arms assignment make in my educational career? It's not like after designing this thing I'll identify my true calling in life and go work for the International Coat of Arms Department located in Canterbury, England.

Projects like this are crafted by teachers in order to add unnecessary distractions to our life. This project has the capability of capturing enough of my energy that I could be prevented from doing something that really matters. I hate it, and literature is over rated.

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