Wednesday, August 27, 2008

block dude

It's been a long time since I've blogged, but I must be honest I've been struggling with the purpose behind blogging a little bit. You'd think a world renown blogger like myself would be completely sold on the whole concept of blogging, but that's not exactly the case. That could be a whole post in and of itself though, so I'm just going to go on with the original thought that caused me to write this..

The past few weeks at school I've been using my calculator a lot because of pre-calculus (typically referred to as "pre-cal"..). Since I've been taking my calculator along with me on my journey through Rossview so often lately I've grown somewhat close to it. I haven't named it or anything because originally I thought that would be really lame, but the idea is growing on me. Anyway so I've been carrying my calculator with me a lot.

So when you go to the blue button on the calculator labeled "APPS" you get to see all the applications your calculator contains. It's pretty common to have a Finance application and some problem solving programs and a variety of other arithmetic calculating functions.. so when I turned there I wasn't surprised to see any of that. I was, however, extremely disappointed that Mirage 05 had been deleted. Mirage 05 is this game system that you can put on your calculator, featuring Avalanche and Falldown. Avalanche and Falldown used to be my favorite games and I owned the high score for a very long time, but when I went to play them I realized they'd been deleted. So as I was going through this very depressed stage of my day, I realized there was this application called "Puzz Pack". I was intrigued so I clicked on it and saw this program labeled "Block Dude."

That's when it began. The last two weeks I've done absolutely nothing at school but play that game. Basically there is this dude trapped in this calculator simulated world and he has to try and escape by walking into this door. The only problem is that someone keeps rearranging all of his blocks in really weird ways to make this task very difficult for our friend, so you have to control him as he re-rearranges the blocks so he can make it to the door; this is why he has been dubbed "Block Dude" I assume. While I love playing the game, I think the real question behind the game is not how to get to the door, but who the person is that keeps re-arranging the blocks. Who is it that is constantly torturing Block Dude? That is the real question..

On a more serious note, I've advanced to Level 9 and I'm now convinced that it's impossible to beat. No one I've talked to at school has made it past Level 9, although there are two others who have advanced that far. If there is anyone out there who knows how to beat Level 9, I'd love to hear from you. I've been playing it for the last 4 days and have made absolutely no progress.

Welcome back to the blogging world Nate Dog.. you were missed.

Monday, August 4, 2008

the vision principle

The last few weeks I've really been letting you guys down. I've reached the point in my life where I get to have real responsibility, and I haven't exactly learned how to manage my time to where I allow myself to enjoy the responsibility and not get extremely stressed out. All that to say- the last few weeks I've been really stressed and that is the reason for my blogging negligence.

Yesterday the remix band lead worship at Grace. That was an awesome experience, and I'm so glad we got to do it! It did, however, stress me out. Making sure everyone is on the same page can be extremely difficult sometimes.. Yesterday in the first service we had just finished playing the intro of Hosanna and I looked over and saw that my good friend Levi, one of the electric guitarists in the band, had an intensely confused look on his face. Trying to sort through the millions of reasons for his confused look isn't exactly something I had time to do considering the fact that we were in the middle of the song! So I did the only thing I knew to do, I yelled, "Levi! We're playing HOSANNA!" Immediately he looked up at me and said, "Ohh", and started playing the song. As funny as that story is, it was still stressful.

Today was freshmen orientation. The last few months I've been working on ways to make that flow as simply as possible so that it could be as productive as possible. I think simplicity and productivity go hand in hand. So today was the day all the work would either result in a success or a massive failure... I think it turned out to be a success. I also got a cool compliment out of it. Scottie Hill said, "I think Nathaniel is the new Mr. Bigstuf of Rossview..." Being compared to ole Lanny Donaho is a pretty cool thing, even though he talks a lot.. haha just kidding.. I've learned my lesson on accusing camp directors of being talkative... or at least accusing them on my blog. And I really do love Lanny Donaho, although I'm not 100% sure how to spell his last name..

As you're probably beginning to pick up on, I like to end my blogs with a principle I've learned. Today's is a pretty useful one for me. Lately my dad has been talking a lot about the difference in being a manager and a leader. ( With that in mind, here's the principle:

Leadership without management sucks. Sorry for bluntness. Even a great great leader with a huge and important vision can really screw up his vision without knowing how to manage. I figured out today that I am most definitely more the leader type than the manager type. Three months ago when I started planning for Orientation I had a vision of what should change to make it better than ever before. I put lots and lots of energy into getting that plan on paper and getting the teachers and principals behind it. That was leadership. Today at 7:00 when it was time to get put all that into action in an organized and detailed way, I was not the best person for the job. I got by because I knew and loved the vision so much, but what I really needed was a manager to make sure it all flowed properly.

A great vision needs great leadership and great management to survive. (I made that up just now, but couldn't you see that being in a book or something?...)
Successful Vision= Leadership+Management