Tuesday, July 15, 2008

the template concept

Depending on how observant you are, I have officially changed my blog layout and template. If you're unfamiliar with the blogging lingo (which is highly improbable considering the fact that you are reading a blog) basically that just means I have made it look differently. I think that the way a blog looks is just as important as the information it's displaying. Honestly if a blog looks uncool I don't want to read it, regardless of what the person has to say. Up until this point I feel like I've been letting my readers get the short end of the stick when it comes to the template their blogging leader has displayed for them to look upon while they read what I have to say. (I also think from this moment forward we should be willing to acknowledge me as "The Blogging Leader". ) So I want to apologize for not giving you guys more of an appealing look.

Most people would nod their head in agreement with the above paragraph. It's a relatively simple principle that they way something looks generates our interest. One example of that would be a pretty girl... I see her and then become interested. Another example would be house cleaning. Anytime we have guests at our house my mom and step mom become extremely ridiculous about the degree of clean we must reach as a family... which is probably why we have a house cleaner come every other Wednesday.

Obviously the way something looks directly affects how quickly our interest is sparked. You fell in love with my blog because you're absolutely fascinated by how well I blend sarcasm and reality... but you would have fallen in love much sooner had my blog template looked more appealing.

This principle is very easy to recognize in every area of our lives, yet we are still designing churches that do not look appealing on the outside. Trying to create a church that is appealing on the outside is a threat to some people. There is this thought that exists that if you design a church that is appealing to the unchurched, then somehow you've lost sight of Jesus or God or the Gospel. Why? Isn't Jesus the most appealing thing that there is? Shouldn't church be THE MOST appealing thing on the outside?

My friend Michael blogged recently about Perry Noble and how he liked him basically because he wants to create church that the unchurched like attending. (http://www.michaelbayne.net/) A guy wrote back a long post disagreeing with this principle saying that church should be for believers, not a tool for evangelism. Michael wrote him back a very nice reply, but I'm not quite as nice as Michael. I think that statement Church should be for believers, not a tool for evangelism is one of the most ignorant statements that someone can make. I don't know that you can miss the big picture anymore than that. All my life I've watched church be done for churched people and I don't ever want to be in a church like that again. The church should be a picture of who Jesus is, not a place for Christians to feel good about themselves.

Bottom Line: The way something looks initially, directly affects our interest in that something. So let's make church appealing and designed with excellence, because Jesus is appealing and he most definitely displayed himself in a way that attracted unbelievers. Maybe it's time to change the template of the church.


  1. Found you through your dad's tweets and just want to say YES! You are absolutely dead on. And I'll add that the same is true for us as individuals: we should be so confusingly and bombastically happy, successfully ALIVE that we are magnetic. I have a feeling that's how Jesus lived. And so should we.
    God bless

  2. yes, I'm all about making Jesus look cool.

  3. You rock Nate! Keep up the great attitude and drive for excellence!