Sunday, July 13, 2008

new orleans

Man it's been a while since I've been able to blog. It's crazy how much I start to miss the blogging world once I am away from Internet access for an extended period of time..

This past week I was in the city of New Orleans at Mission Lab. Grace took a team of 20 down there to just love that city, and it turned out to be a really cool deal. In the mornings we would go and clean up neighborhoods by pulling weeds, chopping down bushes, digging up trees, etc. In the afternoons we did a Bible Club type thing for some kids in Ward 7. There hasn't been a single ministry for kids in Ward 7 since Katrina, and so it was really awesome getting to go in and tell those kids about the Bible and ultimately about Jesus. We had some kids accept Christ, and it was awesome watching God work through us down there.

Random stuff that happened while we were there:

First of all you should know about this thing called "The Sugarshack". Day one of camp the camp director promoted this scandal called "The Sugarshack" over and over advertising that it was the greatest thing to have ever been introduced to a camp anywhere. He emphasized that this was a place we could all go at night to get late night snacks and drinks and caffeine etc. So being the way I am I made a HUGE deal about the sugarshack. I tried to lead cheers within our group about the sugarshack, I tried convincing others to get on board with this crazy thing called the sugarshack, and as it turns out... the sugarshack is actually the dumbest thing on the planet.

The sugarshack was about 1.5 miles from our dorms so walking there was a very big deal. So on the first night of camp we walk there and it was closed. I figured it was because we were too late because we arrived around 10:30. So the next night we decided to give it another chance. Day 2 we make the trek to the sugarshack, and as fate would have it, it was closed again. After wasting 3 miles of my life, I decided it was time to boycott this place called the sugarshack. My problem with it is this: The camp director acted like it was the most awesome thing ever... and it was never open!

Also there's the pool fiasco. It's open 4 hours a week. 8-10 PM on Monday, 8-10 PM on Friday- dumb.

Then there's the dorm controversy. Apparently the camp was trying to separate boys and girls into different dorms for obvious sexual reasons. So there were boys dorms and girls dorms (supposedly). The only problem is there were girls staying in a room in our dorm, and boys staying in a room in the girls dorm. So because of that reason the lady in charge (who was a rule freak and pretty paranoid all the time) would yell at us for having our shirts off in the hallway. Her reasoning was that it was a co-ed dorm and so girls didn't need to see us with our shirts off. Ok, that's pretty understandable. Here's what's really stupid: One night a group of our girls were in the lobby of our dorm playing cards, and the lady comes in and says they're not allowed to be there because it's a boys' dorm. Naturally I argued with her.

Either A- it's a co-ed dorm and girls ARE allowed to be in the lobby playing cards, or B- it's a boy dorm and guys ARE allowed to walk around with their shirts off. Being the controversial church that we are, we decided to take a stand. So for the rest of the trip we walked around with our shirts off anytime we were in the dorm. That was the least we could do to stand up for all basic logic everywhere!

Last thing- if you've been following the pickle story, you know that we've taken "Dong" on every single trip down I-65 this summer. Well, being the absent minded pickle guardian that I am I accidentally forgot the pickle on this trip. I was extremely distressed on the ride down there, and then had an idea. I could text my good friend Taylor Hughes and ask him to pick up the pickle and mail it to Mission Lab... so this is what we did. On Thursday afternoon the pickle arrived in New Orleans via the United States Postal Service. Rain, Snow, Sleet, Hail, Torching Louisiana heat, those guys deliver- and deliver they did! Dong was able to join us for the remainder of our trip.

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