Friday, July 18, 2008


I am constantly thinking and analyzing things. Sometimes I really like that part of my personality and other times I hate it. When it comes to thinking and planning projects I love it. When it comes to pursuing girls... I hate it. Either way I'm an analyzer no matter "how you slice it" (which is a lame expression by the way, but I chose this expression because "slicing" is kind of a form of analyzing.. you know?).

Anyway I really enjoy trying to figure out other people's personalities. A few years ago my dad got really into this thing called personality testing and ever since I've been really into it too. One of the things we talk about constantly is how people's personalities affect the way their responding to a particular situation (another form of analyzing on my part.)

Because I'm so interested in personalities, I want to give you guys a chance to talk to me some. You all listen to me talk a lot, but now I want to give you guys a chance to let me know a little about you. So once every 4 or 5 posts I'm going to try and do a post that gives you guys a chance to respond. This is the first survery category: MBTI

Myerrs Briggs Type Indicator- I'm really not sure how to spell that, but that's what MBTI stands for. This post is aimed at me figuring out what the personalities of my viewers are. So if you're familiar with your "type" I would appreciate you posting it for me. If you do not have a clue what I'm talking about, heres the online test:

If you do not know your 4 letter combination, take that test and then post it. It wont take you very long. If you know your 4 letter combination, post it!

Thanks guys


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  2. ESTJ. That's the best one, by the way.

  3. Hi Nate,

    Enjoying your posts. (We have a big dog next door.)

    I love the MBTI as a way to understand preferences. I'm an ENFP.

    If you haven't seen the MBTI prayers before, check this out. Prayers for MBTI types. Your prayer is funny. Do you find it to be accurate? Mine definitely is!