Tuesday, July 29, 2008

august 3rd

As many of you know, the next few weeks are very crucial weeks in the planning for Remix. Over the past year Michael has been casting a vision about what it would look like to have a student ministry that is shaped around Loving God and Loving People. In fact the first few weeks he was in Clarksville he preached a series over those two ideas. I'm not sure that Michael knows this or not, but I listen pretty closely whenever he starts talking about different ideas he has for Relevant Student Ministry as a whole and also Remix, and as this year has gone by I've slowly started to understand what Michael's vision is and been able to make that my vision as well.

The reason I say all of that is because I think there's a principle about leadership there. Michael never called me into his office and said "listen Nate, I need you to get a picture of where we're going." He just started including me in discussions where he was evaluating and asking questions about what was next for Relevant, and as he included me and gave me things to do I started catching on.

That's really the same way I caught on to the vision of Grace too. My dad never handed me an outline of the type of church we wanted to create, but as we started talking about different things together I slowly began moving in the same mental direction as he was.

So I think Michael and my dad get an A+ in vision casting. I'm so thankful that they have both given me opportunities to serve and be apart of what God is doing at Grace. All that being said, THIS SUNDAY AUGUST 3RD the Remix band is leading worship at Grace. Last year we played one song, this year we're doing the whole service. If you've never been to Remix or seen what the student service at Grace looks like, make sure you're at Rossview sunday, because we're going to be doing Remix on a Sunday morning for the whole church to experience. It's gonna be awesome! We have lots of really cool intros/instrumentals made up and hopefully (if they turn the music up... sorry if you're a little bit on the elderly side, meaning 34 and above, and you don't like loud music. Remember we're BRINGING remix to sunday morning. At Remix it's loud.) it will be an awesome view of what a Remix service would look like.

Be there this Sunday August 3rd.


  1. Can we change the age of the elderly to those over 46? Signed, an old admirer who likes her music loud!

  2. Sure! Although you might need to bring this change up at the elderly convention.. I'm not sure how well it's gonna go over. I like your energy though!

  3. You guys rocked it out so much!! It was incredible, but of course I wasn't surprised because ya'll always rock. Great job, I'm glad we got to be there to see it :)