Saturday, June 7, 2008

two big ideas

These are the bigstuf thoughts continued...

When I was on the beach I was skimming through the Bible(...skim boarding the Bible you know.. on the beach.. skim boarding... the Bible...) (ok that was lame I know sorry) and so these are 2 verses that really had a huge impact on me.

John 17 is a big spill of Jesus crying out to God. First he prays for himself, then he prays for his immediate disciples, and then he prays for us. As I was sitting there reading what he prayed for me, I was blown away.

John 17:18-20 - "18As you sent me into the world, I am sending them into the world. 19And I give myself entirely to you so they also might be entirely yours. 20I am praying not only for these disciples but also for all who will ever believe in me becuase of their testimony."

This verse is so huge to me because of the faith Jesus had in the disciples. Everything He lived for on earth He was handing over to these 11 guys. He gave them a mission to go into the world spreading the Gospel, and they did! But what's even cooler to me is that He knew they would! He was praying for us in verse 20! The only reason we know anything about Jesus and what He did is because of the mission that he gave the disciples! Because these 11 guys took the mission that Jesus gave them and ran with it we are still gathering today around that mission.

So I was thinking about the mission the disciples had, and how I wanted that to be my mission as well, and then I read Ephesians 4:1:

"Therefore I, a prisoner for serving the Lord, beg you to lead a life worthy of your calling, for you have been called by God. "

So the mission and calling that God has for us in John 17 is the same calling that Paul is talking about here. So if this gospel and this mission is going to continue to go to all of the world like Jesus prayed for then what he wants is someone willing to do it! Ephesians 4:1 and all these ideas are so cool because I do feel called into the ministry, so this challenge to live a life WORTHY of that calling is really humbling and makes you feel like crap for just a second, but then you realize that you're called BY GOD. Like this isn't a burden it's a privlege. Why would you want to do anything else but live a life worthy of the calling you've recieved?

It's kind of like being invited to a birthday party when you're in little league. This kid on your team that you're just starting to get to know invites you over to swim after the game but you really don't know him that well. But since he invtied you, you immediately start to feel like maybe he likes you more than you thought... which in turn makes you start to like him more. From that moment on you feel like you need to be a good friend because afterall he did invite you to his house, so you begin to hang out with that kid more. Eventually you move across the street from him and you become best friends... or at least thats what happened to me and David Reece.

Anyway, even though I screw up and do lots of stupid things and don't spend nearly as much time with God as I should, the fact that he CALLED me to be apart of this same mission He gave His closest friends just makes me want to be that much better of a friend to Him. He had faith in the disciples to go into the world so that more people could believe in Him, and he has faith in us to do that too! Hopefully I'll get better at living the life he called me to live.

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