Sunday, June 29, 2008


For whatever reason I've always loved super hero cartoons. When I was 3 my dad bought me a video collection with 2 superman tapes (featuring a total of 12 episodes), and one tape (6 episodes) of the Super Friends and their adversaries. Cartoon Network used to do a special on the Justice League during the summer around lunch time and I can remember taping all of the episodes and watching them over and over again. It's so crazy how the awesomeness grows exponentially when you add more and more superheroes to one episode.

I'm not sure why but I've never fully grown out of my fascination with super heroes, and I find myself from time to time watching those old videos in my VCR before I go to bed. There's nothing like Brainiac triggering a laser beam to destroy the planet earth and Superman escaping the thresh-hold of kryptonite just in time to save the day.

This summer at Grace our kids ministry is going through this series called Superheroes. Each week there is a video that has a real life problem that the kids could face, and it takes that problem and uses these superheroes to give advice on how to handle the situation. Each Superhero has a character trait that serves as their special ability. There are like 5 or 6 different superheroes: Kid Confidence, Guts Girl, The Forgivenator, Captain Compassion, and a couple others. Those superheroes then take a story from the Bible and show how the story in the Bible used whatever character trait they're focusing on.

Being the superhero fanatic that I am, this has been just as exciting for me as it's been for the kids. The graphics they use for this series are incredible, and I actually look forward to seeing what story from the Bible they'll use for each of the superheroes. Here's what I think is cool about this whole series:

They don't try and turn characters from the Bible into "superheroes". If you've grown up in church you've sat through enough lame sermons or kids programs that tried to make Moses out to be a superhero. While Moses is one of the most Godly men in all of the Bible, there's nothing appealing to an 8 year old about an 80 year old with a big white beard. Typically when churches do this whole "Superhero concept" they are like.. "well we've all heard of superman and batman, but who's heard of Noah?!?? Now he's the real superhero! Real superheroes don't need to fly around and use weapons! Their strength comes from doing God's Will!"

While all of that is true... it's also all incredibly lame. Rather than try and convince everyone that Moses and Noah actually are superheroes in their own way, this series takes a made up superhero that has an awesome looking costume and uses them to tell the story of the REAL superheroes. I think this is much more effective with the kids because after they see the awesome looking guy they're already engaged when you start talking about the Bible character, and the Bible character is what we ultimately want them to know.

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    1. My favorite super hero is wolverine.


    2. Superman is different from all other super heroes...