Friday, June 20, 2008

the pickle story

So, you've heard about Whataburger, and now it's time for you to hear (or read I guess considering this is written out and not being spoken to you... much like a book) the 2nd great adventure that I have partaken in this summer. This story will go down in Gcom Church history for all of eternity.

The old animated Godzilla tv show on cartoon network used to start out with a song that went like this "Up from the depths, thirty stories high, a rage of fire, stands in the sky. Godzilla!" Something like that. The words may not be exactly right.. but it's definitely the right amount of syllables. Anyway, Godzilla for those of you who don't know is a giant green fire breathing dragon of sorts. He threatens the existence of such phenomenons as King Kong, dirty pirates, and Orientals (not to single them out it's just that typically they are the ones in the film). So, with that being said, Grace Community Church has found their Godzilla. He is not a dragon/dino/lizard, nor does he breathe fire or reek havoc/destruction, but he IS green! And Godzilla is the only mythical creature I feel is worthy enough to be compared to the pickle.

It all started as a small joke in a gas station on the way to bigstuf. It was then that I saw this gigantically large pickle resting near the check out line for 99 cents with the reading "Tart and Tangy!" "Snack on the run!" The thought then occured to me that this pickle looked awfully like something that I am not going to name(you're going to have to use your imagination with me as I walk you through this process... I'm going to be as honest and mature as possible about this, but you should know on this trip in a van of 10 guys there was no way we were going to be mature or responsible or even spiritual for that matter about the events that were about to take place.) Now, being a guy striving for attention I could not pass up this opportunity to amuse. So I bought the pickle.

After revealing the pickle to the entire van, and hearing the dozens and maybe even thousands of jokes being tossed around, we decided to name this pickle. It's name is as follows: Dong.

Enough said. I still have the pickle and it is still the mascot for Relevant Student Ministry. Lanny Donoho had his picture taken with this pickle, and it has also been to student life camp.

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