Saturday, June 7, 2008

lanny donoho commented

Probably the coolest thing in the world just happened.. Lanny Donoho (REthink, Bigstuf, Northpoint, Kidstuf.. that Lanny Donoho) just commented on my blog called "broadcast". I'm not sure how Lanny found my blog, or if he even read anything other than that one post, but I'm afraid I may have just ruined my chances with ever interning with him..

In the post I said that Lanny talked a lot at bigstuf. This is true, however, I am a huge fan of Lanny. I think he's hilarious! His sense of humor and mine are very much alike, and people call him the older version of me. So, to clarify for Lanny, I really like you and am honored that you stumbled upon my blog. If I could throw a virtual frisby to you right now, I would!

I hope you keep coming back and reading!


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