Wednesday, June 18, 2008

jr high drop out

What a week. I've been in Taladega, AL for the past few days at Shocco Springs for student life camp. This year we took our high schoolers to bigstuf and our middle schoolers to student life, and they were both awesome! It's been a great summer as far as camp experiences go and I think Shocco Springs is definitely the best place you could take a middle school boy. They've got 2 key features that everyone in our group was ridiculously excited about all week:

1. The Blob
2. Paintball Course

If you've seen the movie heavy weights it's pretty much the same concept. Basically they have like 10 different inflatable types of deals in this big lake, and you just run and go crazy all over those things. Then the paintball course. I've gotta be honest, paintball's really not quite my thing. I mean, I like the idea of running and shooting people and stealing flags and getting dirty, but I've just got a few minor things that make me dislike it. For one, paintball is really just an opportunity for egotistical guys to BOOST their ego. Not saying that everyone who plays paintball is egotistical, that was just an observation I had while I was there. Pretty much all conversations at the paintball course go something like this, "Aww man, d'you see me runnin up owwwn dat man down er' in dat bunker? I would'a shot em but he was hidin down er' in da brush. Then one of their guys sneak up behind me and shot me in da leg. I woulda seen em' but I thought I saw a giant raccoon bout to attack up at da base."

It's like... hmmm, interesting story. Reality check: You shot and missed at a guy about 6 times before another guy ran up and shot you.

Princple you should know: If you ever play paintball, the stories people tell afterwards will take longer than the actual paintball game.

Reason 2 I dislike paintball- my mask always fogs up and I can't see.

So, mix the blob and paintball together, plus the fact that we had only middle school boys with us at this camp, you come up with a big fat tired Nate Dog who is about ready to become a jr high counselor drop out. No but seriously, as exhausting as it was hanging out with those guys, I learned a TON about ministry. You can't go into a middle school camp stressed out or that's exactly what you'll be the whole time. If you're going to effectively connect with middle schoolers you've gotta be relaxed mentally, rested, and willing to be crazy and loud and obnoxious... typically 3 things that get on my nerves, BUT to middle schoolers, theres no characteristic better than that.