Monday, June 30, 2008

the female

I have this theory that there is a magnetic forcefield of some kind revolving around all women. Not only that, but men have some kind of metal substance buried deep within their retinas that causes them to be drawn towards these women. I don't really believe that, just while I was typing I thought it would be kind of funny if that really is how it worked, but now that I'm re-reading it I really don't find it all that humorous, but I'm going to leave it in there because I started typing this in response to what I had just previously written and deleting the first 2 sentences would require me to delete this sentence as well and that would result in me losing everything I've typed in this entry thus far...

So, all that aside, I have titled this post "the female" (singular) because I have come to the conclusion that all girls are the same. Granted there are personality traits that vary from girl to girl, but there are a few key levels in which women are all the same. Unfortunately I haven't figured out how to use the fact that I've realized this to my advantage yet, which is why I'm currently single. (However if you are interested, follow the lead of another blog-reading friend of ours and leave a love comment anonomously but leave a call back number, this way I can get in touch with you.)

Anyway, without giving away any details that would sacrifice my chances with this particular girl, this last week I adopted somewhat of a middle school crush. Basically I saw this girl in a public place somewhere here in Clarksville, and for whatever reason I was hooked. I know this seems like a pretty shallow way to begin liking someone, but I'm sorry that's how it started. Now, 1 week later I'm a little confused.

For one, how did a stable, firmly planted guy like me stumble onto this path of confusion? I mean I've never in my life just had a time when I started liking someone at first glance, so it doesn't make sense that it should start now. For two, why am I writing about this situation in my blog? Shouldn't the details of such emotion be kept private? No, they shouldn't. Here is why:

I think that there have been way too many jokes tossed around about guys not being able to understand women. There have been far too many women call men stupid for not being able to understand what she is thinking/feeling. There have been far too many men pursue a girl only to have their confidence shaken because of the mind games they enter with women. So, the reason I'm publicizing this is to let all people everywhere (although by that I mean all the people who read Moons from Burma) know that I am done playing the game. I'm only 17 and I have had enough. While this new strategy of mine may only last a few short weeks, as of right now I am finished. If I am pursuing a girl I should be able to just ask her out and her say yes or no. There is no reason anyone should have to go through the mental agony or awkwardness that is associated with dating a girl, because in all honesty awkwardness sucks for everyone.

So to sum things up, I am going to pursue this girl, but I'm not going to play any mind games. I am not a Jedi Knight and I am not fleeing from Imperials, therefore I should not have to play mind games. If the girl is cool with that then we will have a relationship, if she is not then I'll be writing back to let everone know that the plan didn't work. Wish me luck gentlemen!


  1. Good luck! I will definitely be checking back. I SO don't miss those days... maybe that's why I got married when I was 19! (NO I'm not giving you any suggestions there :)).

  2. Thank you for that encourgement! If marriage is only 2 years away I might be able to make it through! haha

  3. "Happens to every guy sometimes this does”


  4. That's pretty good considering you're not a star wars fan.

  5. You won't understand women until you have been married to one for exactly 8 years. Sorry.