Saturday, June 28, 2008

christianity oratory

At school there's this club called the NFL (National Forensic League). When I first heard of this club I despised them because they called themselves "The NFL". Now I don't know about you, but to me there's only going to ever be one NFL and it certainly does not deal with Forensics... it deals with football. To me it was almost a mockery to even consider calling your organization the same thing as the most watched sport on tv, but prejudiceaside I joined the club my sophomore year. Basically the NFL is just a complicated name for Speech Team (apparently though speech team isn't official enough).

So anyway I joined the speech team and began doing debate. I hated it. It's pretty much the dumbest thing I've ever been apart of (besides boys state). My passion is to speak. Even though I'm very much an introvert I've always seemed to be good at public speaking. Debate dealt with very little speaking and a whole lot of research... research is most definitely not my passion. So I got out of debate and moved to an event called Original Oratory or OO.

OO is a 10 minute persuasive speech about anything you want. So I decided to do my speech about Risk Taking last year. The premise of the speech was the game Truth or Dare. When I was in 5th grade I played truth or dare with a group of friends and ultimately ended up having my first kiss. So the tension in the speech is that even though I really wanted to kiss this girl, it was actually one of my biggest fears, and to see the vision for our life come true, we must be willing to face those fears. So that was the idea behind last years speech and I ended up placing 3rd at the NFL qualifier, so I was one place away from going to Nationals.

So this year I'm going in kind of as a front runner so to speak. Whenever you go to a competition you go into a classroom with 6 other people and you all give your speech to the same judge. As you're looking around the room you immediately are intimidated by certain people because you know they're really good. So it's been cool ever since the NFL Qualifier to look around and see the people's faces when they realize that the great Nate Edmondson is competing against them haha.

With all that in mind, now I have to start writing my speech for next year. I'm not sure the exact direction I want to go with my speech yet, but I want the topic to be Christianity. That's a pretty broad topic I realize, but I really think it will be cool because it's so different. No one that I've ever heard has done a speech on Christianity. I'm not talking about like a salvation message or anything, just a speech about problems that the church has created and what Jesus intended for the church to be. Like I said I don't have a clear direction yet, but I have a feeling lot's of blogs will be written soon as I begin brainstorming on this speech topic, so stay tuned and subscribed!


  1. What up Nate-dog! Go watch Francis Chan's message on the Church from 04/06/08. God really spoke to me through this message and I think He will do the same for you. It also might help with your direction for your speech. I'm proud of you man. Keep rockin' the world for Jesus.

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  3. thanks for reading man! I'll go watch it! Nice talking to you bro