Saturday, June 7, 2008


Man, these last few weeks have been crazy. I haven't been home for more than 2 days since school got out, so it's nice to finally be home!

This past week I was at Bigstuf in Panama City, FL. Bigstuf is just a summer camp that has 1500 kids each week for 8 weeks. They put together an awesome production with the best lights and graphics out there, so it's a really cool experience. The only problem is Lanny Donoho talks a whole freakin lot. I really like Lanny and think he's funny, but I'm pretty much the only one in our church who feels that way..

The theme of Bigstuf was Broadcast. The idea was that we need to make Jesus known publicly with our lives. Jared Herd made a pretty cool statement: "Whatever you desire the most is what you will broadcast the loudest."

That's so true. If I claim to be a Christian and claim to want to serve Jesus full-time, then He is first going to have to be what I desire the most. I can never fully broadcast Jesus with my life if I don't ever fall in love with Him. Michael Bayne was talking about this with me while we were there, but I don't think he realized I was paying this close of attention. He said that many people try to change their behavior so they'll become closer to God, but the reality is that your bad behavior will begin to change once you love Jesus more. Obviously he didn't make that principle up because it's been around since the beginning of the world, but he made that stick out to me and so I'm glad I discovered these truths.

Whatever I desire the most is what I'll broadcast the loudest.
My bad behavior will begin to change once I fall in love with Jesus.

Thanks guys



  1. Hey Nate
    Sorry i talked too much for you. Sometimes that happens. Didn't know if you meant you were the only one in the church who liked me or the only one who thought i talked too much.
    Either way, I will work on being more succinct.

  2. Dude.. is this really lanny donoho? If it's not I'll jump through the computer and most likely kill whoever this is..

    if it is lanny.. this has probably made my blogging experience about as complete as it could get.

    And just for clarification, I am the only one who thinks Lanny is really funny. People say Lanny is the old man version of me.. everyone else thinks you talk a lot.. haha