Thursday, May 22, 2008

the debut blog

Well, I'm new to the blogging world. I'm a little confused on how blogging differs from journaling. I mean I guess journals are a little more private and exposing them to the world can cause the whole school to hate you, but all of this is public, so how can you actually talk about anything you're really experiencing without eventually hurting someone's feelings? I mean once you put something in a blog it's permanent, there's no going back. But, on the other hand maybe I'm confusing blogs with livejournal (the hit website for middle schoolers about 3 years ago). Hopefully as my blogging continues I will improve and become a very successful writer and someone will publish all of my blogs.

Before you become a daily subscriber to my blog, you need to know that I use lots of verbal irony and hyberbole. Also, if I die while being held captive in a nazi concentration camp and my dad publishes my blog in a book and millions of 7th grade students take tests over my writings, no student shall recieve less than an A on any grade over the Moons from Burma Reading Unit.



  1. moons from burma!
    i'm glad it got put to some use.

  2. haha thanks ashley! I hope you tune in daily to read this! i'm really looking forward to the blogging experience!