Friday, May 23, 2008

the dc experience

The past 2 days I've been at the white board conference in Washington D.C. It was different than I expected, but it was still good. I always try to take away one big principle from each session or talk, and this is what I got:

When doing ministry, leverage the culture or risk losing your impact.

A lot of times the church pushes away things in culture because they're percieved as "worldly", but the idea here is that the people who need Jesus the most are IN the culture, so in order to have influence with them, you have to know about things that they know about.

Last night at the hotel my dad was snoring so loud that I had to go and sleep in the car. It turned out to be a pretty good thing because I actually got to sleep. Oringinally I tried sleeping in the bathroom with my noise maker and iHome turned all the way up, but I could still hear it! I think it has something to do with the frequency of his snoring.. Anyway so I slept in the car and this morning when he went to breakfast I moved back inside to sleep, and in the process lost my wallet (which doesn't really make much since).

The misplacement of the wallet would come back to haunt us around 2:00 when we were leaving for the airport, becuase now we had to stop by the hotel and still make it to the airport by 4:00. So, that was pretty stressful and we ended up leaving the wallet and the hotel is going to mail it to us, but the traffic in DC is ridiculous! We waited 2 hours just to go maybe 30 miles!

Once on the flight, I had the privledge of sitting next to a basketball player that is 7'3". The good news is we both had loads of space...

Anyway, I had lots to talk about because I went on a trip, but that pretty much sums up the experience.

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