Saturday, May 31, 2008

boys state

I have been gone this past week and so I apoligize for not being able to update my blog.

This week I was at Boys State at Tennessee Tech. Despite all the speculations I had about going, I decided to go just to have the experience, and as it turned out... the experience pretty much sucked. I did come away with a very good idea though..

While most churches I know of have abandoned Judgement House, I think we should bring it back just for this one purpose. See, basically the purpose of Judgement House is to explain the Gospel by showing how much more amazing Heaven is than Hell. So at some point during the Judgement House program there is a hell scene to try and depict exactly how terrible it would be to spend eternity without having Jesus as your savior.. and it's been pretty effective over the years. Normally they make it extremely hot in the Hell scene, lots of loud noises, and very very dark, which makes it pretty confusing when you go to walk around the room and all the lights are turned off. So here's the idea.

Rather than spend all the time, effort, and resources on putting together a top notch Judgement House program, we should start holding sign ups at church for all nonbelievers to go to Boys State. Not only is boys state extremly hot, it also has very loud noises, and is very very confusing. I think it's a pretty perfect idea. "Hey, this is what it will be like in Hell, you don't want to do that... so you should become a Christian or risk being put in a boys state camp for all of eternity..."

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  1. FUNNY! Thank you for making me laugh out loud!